Monday, September 14, 2009



I'm going to update properly now. So, its Puasa period, and guess what? I could hold back the urges to eat most of the time. Good enough, better than the days in good old BBSS, where skipping is a routine and habit. So, my family has done 5 different types of "kuih-kuih". Impressive, since its mostly a 2-man-team, or should I say 1-half-man-team. Considering I slacked alot, hmm. All of them are edible though. :) and Rashid has volunteered to test try the "kuihs." I need to meet him soon, prove to him that its niceee.

Hari Raya this Sunday and I can't wait. But Saturday is a day I can't wait for too. Its B and me 11th. :D haha. But I doubt I cant even step out of the house. Boohoo. :( There's always green packets to look forward to on sunday. Let's hope this year's haul is better than last year. My bank account needs money badly! Not forgetting getting together with my cousins, thats a good thing, its been so long.

I'm bored at home. Just played FIFA Online 2. There's DOTA, CS, MOHPA, RA3. But I'm sick of all. :( I want L4D, Football Manager 2009, Batman: Arkham Asylum! Hols killing me. I want go climb!!!

This is long enough. Goodnight humans.


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